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Bobi Krastev - jeweler Buy unique handmade jewellery of gold and silver online! You can order a jewel made for you or for your special person. Give excuisite pedant , earrings, ring, bracelet or broock made of gold or silver with built-in, carefully selected amethist, coral, turguoise, tiger eye, smoky quartz, pink quartz, diamonds and other precious and semiprecious stones.


Silver pendant, earrings and ring with sun rock crystalPendant, earrings and ring with silver and red rutileEarrings, ring and pendant with silver and gold rutile

Natural " Sun stone " crystal in sterling silver        Designer jewelry set with natural                  Natural golden rutile in silver 925
Hand-made one of a kind.                                               red rutile and sterling silver                  Silver twigs gently covering the stone.


Gold and Silver Jewelry

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Earrings, pendant and ring with silver and blue TopazRing, earrings and pendant with aquamarine and silver

Exquisite parure of blue crystal and                    Designer parure of elliptical aquamarine
silver flowers. Original cord.                                            and fine silver butterflies